The Correlation between Inpatient Characteristics and Length of Stay for Cerebro Vascular Accident at dr. Soedjono Magelang Hospital

Yeni Tri Utami, Eni Nur Rahmawati, Febriana Siska Saputri


Background: Cerebro Vascular Accident (CVA) is a
disease that ranks at the top in dr. Soedjono Magelang
Hospital. Cerebro Vascular Accident is one of the leading
causes of death in the world. Length of stay (LOS) is the
period calculated when the patient is admitted to discharge
from the hospital. If the length of treatment is long, the
hospital services will be less effective and efficient.
Inpatient characteristics can be a factor that causes the
length of stay inpatient beyond the ideal standard. Inpatient
characteristics here include age, gender, occupation, type
of CVA and the presence of complications. This study
aims to determine the correlation between inpatient
characteristics and length of stay for Cerebro Vascular
Accident in dr. Soedjono Magelang Hospital. Subjects
and Method: This type of research is analytic with a
retrospective approach. The population in this study
was 486 patients, with a sample of 83 patients using the
Stratified Random Sampling technique taken from medical
record data. Data collection methods by means of interview
guidelines and documentation study. The statistical test
used is the Chi-Square test. Results: The results of the
age study showed that the highest age was 50 years and
over (88%), the highest gender was in women (60.2%),
the highest occupation was work (71.1%), the highest
type of CVA was infarction CVA (81.9%), the biggest
disease complications were complications (92.8%). Chi-
Square statistical test results: age (p = 0.426), gender
(p = 0.520), occupation (p = 0.666), type of CVA (p =
0.030), complications (p = 0.418). Conclusion: Inpatient
characteristics that were significantly related to the length
of stay (LOS) of patients with Cerebro Vascular Accident
cases were CVA type, and those that were not significantly
related were age, sex, occupation, and complications.

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