The Role of Health Infromation Management (HIM) Department Manager in Monitoring and Evaluating The Quality of Medical Record at AN-NISA Tangerang Hospital

Tria Saras Pertiwi, Faisal Lukmanul Hakim


Monitoring and evaluating is very important in
improving quality in HIM Department. HIM Department
at AN-NISA Tangerang Hospital experienced several
obstacles, including misfile in the filing section,
duplication of medical records, errors in writing numbers
of medical records and complaints about the time of
providing the patient’s medical record. The purpose of this
study is to describe the role of HIM Department manager
in monitoring and evaluating the quality of medical
records at AN-NISA Tangerang Hospital. This research
uses a descriptive study aims to provide an overview of
the problems in HIM Department at AN-NISA Tangerang
Hospital. The results of this study that the Manager have
six job descriptions related to monitoring and evaluating
the quality of medical records and HIM Department
has six indicators for assessing the quality of medical
records. Five of the six indicators don’t reach the specified
standards, including the completeness of outpatient
and inpatient medical records, completeness of filling
in informed consents, misfile in the filing section and
duplication of medical record numbers. HIM Department
managers are better off using the PDCA method to
improve the quality of the medical records.

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