The Clinic’s Customer Satisfaction Depends on The First Impressions of Patient Registration

Rita Dian Pratiwi, Tanatsa Fahma A Husna


Abstract. Clinics, as primary health care providers,
it has to know what things required by patients and
improve performance in increasing satisfaction regarding
service quality. The patient will feel satisfied if the
service performance obtained is the same or exceed their
expectations. Knowing the patient’s assessment of the
quality of hospital services is essential as a reference for
improving service. It is essential to do critical performance
analysis conducted to achieve better services. This study
aims to determine patient satisfaction based on realities
and expectations as well as find out what attributes need
to be improved to increase patient satisfaction. This
research was conducted at a clinic involving 100 new
patients as samples with accidental sampling technique.
The data was analyzed using importance Performance
Analysis and customer satisfaction index. The average
reality (interests) was 3.41, while the average expectation
(performance) was 3.64. The gap between reality and
expectations was negative. The level of patient satisfaction
based on the quality of registration services is 85.29%. The
priority attributes of improvement are cleanliness in the
waiting room, speed in service, not letting the patient wait
in obscurity, and giving greetings and asking complaints
to patients. The patient was satisfied with the services
and facilities in the registration section. However, there
was still a mismatch between expectations and reality.
So it needs to be made a policy about improving the
quality of services, especially in the registration section.
Keywords—component, formatting, style, styling, insert

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