Case Study: Building a Comprehensive Learning Experience in Effective Communication Course using Mini Seminar Method on Health Information Management Undergraduate Study Program

Lakhmudien Lakhmudien, Qonita Ulfiana


Minister of Education and Culture Regulation No.
3 of 2020 concerning National Standards for Higher
Education article 11 states that the characteristics of
the learning process needs to be interactive, holistic,
integrative, scientific, contextual, thematic, effective,
collaborative, and student-centered. Mini seminars are
one of the learning methods that focuses on student’s
active participation. Before carrying out mini seminars,
students attended 14 structured and comprehensive
lectures themed: an introduction to the concept of effective
communication, activity planning, room management,
public speaking, activity planning, room management,
public speaking, making visual and audio, and simulation
followed by individual practice. This study aims to
understand students’ learning experiences after mini
seminar assignments in effective communication course.
Qualitative research method using case study design was
implemented in this study. The data were taken from health
information management undergraduate study program,
Karangturi National University with the sophomore
students as participants. The data was collected using
in-depth interview and triangulation was applied to
validate the data. The result showed that 1) mini seminar
method as the final assignment pushed the students to
master every material in the lecture; 2) students gained
learning experiences during preparation process of the
mini seminar including proposal planning, scheduling,
invitation making, mini seminar promotions, room design,
material, visual and audio visual media creation; 3)
students found it memorable since they got to have a real
learning experience. Moreover, the students’ success in
mini seminars was supported by their pre-test and post-test
results which showed significant increases. In Conclusion
Mini seminar method in effective communication course
of Health Information Management Undergraduate Study
Program provided memorable learning experiences and
sharpened students skill in both verbal and non-verbal

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