International Proceedings The 2nd ISMoHIM 2020

ISMoHIM 2020


Dear distinguished readers. Welcome to the 2nd International Scientific Meeting on Health Information
Management (ISMoHIM) 2020. The theme ‘Reinforcing Health Information Management Professionals in
The Industrial Revolution 4.0’.
The 2nd International Scientific Meeting on Health Information Management (ISMoHIM) is to be head in
Solo, Indonesia, on December 19, 2020 by zoom meeting. This activity themed “Reinforcing Health Information
Management Professional in The Industrial Revolution 4.0” with Keynote Speaker Dr. Dra Gemala Hatta,
MRA., M.Kes (Regional Director Southeast Asia – Indonesia)
The are six cluster of oral presentation of research works offered at this conference: (1) (Electronic
Medical Record (EMR); (2) Clinical Coding and Reimbursement; (3) Health Information Management (HIM);
(4) Health Workforce Education; (5)Health Information Technology; (6) Public Health. More than 115 papers
of research work presented at this conference.
In this opportunity, please allow us to say to the speakers, discussants, moderators, Mr. / Ms entire
committee ISMoHIM who have taken the time, energy and thoughts for the success of this activity, Mr / Ms
Lecturer and Student contributor to research articles in this activity. Hopefully these proceedings book can
give benefit to us all, for the sake of the development of science and technology. In addition, is also expected
to be a reference to the efforts of nation building. Lastly, there is no ivory that is not cracked, sorry if there are
things - things that are not pleasing.

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