Efficiency of Recording Patient Medication History with Electronic Medical Records

Alvionita Eka Saputri, Muh Afif Ali Imron, Nurhayati Nurhayati, Tominanto Tominanto


Along with the development of science and
technological advances that are happening today,
changing everything from paper to paperless. Individual
medical practice doctor Nunik Kurniawati as a case study
is recording patient data on paper. Patient data becomes
easily torn and illegible. To minimize these incidents is by
applying electronic medical records. This type of research
is descriptive by identifying patient data variables,
doctor data, diagnostic data, action data, drug data,
payment method data, registration data, examination
data, prescription data. The instrument research used
observation and interview guidelines. Analysis and
implementation of descriptive data. Electronic Medical
Record (EMR) is built using the PHP programming
language, MySQL Database, Dreamweaver and produces
information in the form of patient data reports, doctor
data reports, diagnostic data reports, action data reports,
drug data reports, payment data reports, registration
data reports, reports inspection data, recipe data reports.
The applied Electronic Medical Record has been able
to provide patient history, minimize damage to paper
documents, and minimize illegible writing so that health
services can run optimally and efficient.

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