Development of the Health Information Analytics Dashboard Using Big Data Analytics

Anisatul Afifah, Krisostomus Nova Rahmanto


The development of digital technology has the
impact on healthcare facilities in Indonesia, one of
which is the digitization of medical records. This will
generate abundant clinical data from various sources
including electronic medical records. Therefore, a large
infrastructure is needed to store data from various sources
that can facilitate the process of data aggregation to
then be processed into information. Health Information
Analytics Dashboard is the solution to get accurate,
complete, and real-time insight from big data in
healthcare. Data collection is carried out from various
sources of health service facilities in Indonesia that are
integrated into the system. With a user-friendly display,
the analytic dashboard can be used to create monitoring
reports with just one click. The method of this study uses
big data analytics. The data analysis results are visualized
through display charts/graphs that make it easier for users
to understand the data analysis results and interpretation.
This dashboard is useful to facilitate decision making so
that stakeholders can find out more quickly to be able
to respond appropriately and also improve the quality
of health services so as to improve the degree of public

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