Quality Evaluation of Try Out Competency Test of Indonesian Medical Record and Health Information Association to Support Graduation Achievement

Lily Widjaja, Kori Puspita Ningsih, Ida Sugiarti


The try out of APTIRMIKI’s competency test was
prepared and developed according to PMIK’s blueprint.
The expected output is a description of students’ ability to
master the competencies tested. The competency test tryout
cannot measure students’ abilities appropriately if the
try-out question does not have good quality so the goal of
the try-out competency test is not maximally reached. The
purpose of this study was to test the quality of the questions
about the try out of the competency test by APTIRMIKI in
2018. The type of this research is descriptive quantitative.
The population of this study was all final year students
from 38 DIK RM3 educational institutions totaling 2288
participants who tried out the competency test. The
sample in this study is a saturated sample in which all
members of the population are included as samples. Data
collection techniques with the method of documentation
and interviews. Data analysis techniques using the
application of instrument analysis problems. The analysis
was conducted to determine the validity, reliability, level
of difficulty, item validity, reliability, distinguishing
features, quality of deceivers. The results of the analysis
of the items: valid 43,33% (78) and invalid 56,67% (102).
The reliability value of the try and competency test is 0.45.
A total of 97 items (53,88%) need to be revised. A total
of 48.33% (87) questions were at a moderate difficulty
level. Distractors function well in terms of as many as
36,11% (65) while needing to be revised by 48,89% (88).
It can be concluded that the quality of the APTIRMIKI
competency test tryout is not good enough so that it needs
to be improved.

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