Prototype Program Reporting System DHIS 2-Based Nutrition in Puskesmas

Nuryati Nuryati, Angga Eko Pramono, Dian Budi Santoso


Introduction: The Nutrition Unit is one of the units
in the health information system and is an indicator of
the degree of public health assessment. These indicators
are needed in terms of determining policy. Policymakers
certainly need precise information about the state or
nutritional status of the community. Decision making
requires accurate and evidence-based information to
determine policy. However, at present, the existing system
has not been integrated and has not been specifically
analyzed. Objective: to design a prototype information
system that can analyze and present nutritional information
more comprehensively based on DHIS 2. Method: This
type of research is research and development. This
research follows the prototyping stage in the development
of DHIS-based nutrition program reporting information
system 2. The research was conducted at Puskesmas Kulon
Progo Regency in April - October 2019. The subjects of
this study were the managers of the Puskesmas Nutrition
program and the Kulon Progo District Health Office.
The object of this research is the DHIS-based nutrition
program reporting information system 2. Results: The
prototype of a DHIS 2-based nutrition program reporting
information system has been produced and developed
through a process of needs analysis, design, testing, and
program evaluation. System testing conducted shows that
the prototype of the information system that was built
can run well. Conclusion: This application is still in the
initial trial phase so input from various parties is needed
for further development of the DHIS 2-based nutrition
program reporting system.

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