Utilization of Electronic Medical Records for Monitoring The Health of Toddlers and Pregnant Women at Posyandu

Annisa Setiyawati, Fina Daniyati Rahayu, Agung Suryadi, Sri Widodo


The posyandu information system is a component of
posyandu activities that produces data and information
on services for child development processes and basic
health services for pregnant women and community
participation. The recording of all service activities for
toddlers and elderly people at Posyandu Desa Plesan
Nguter Sukoharjo is still written in a manual register, where
the identities of toddlers or pregnant women who come
repeatedly into the same register cause data duplication.
Another problem that arose with manual recording was
the illegibility of the cadres who filled in. Therefore, the
posyandu in Plesan Nguter Sukoharjo village requires
a web-based information system. This type of research
is qualitative with descriptive research methods carried
out by data collection methods of observation, interviews,
and literature study using a cross sectional approach.
The subjects in this study were cadres and midwives
in Plesan Nguter Sukoharjo Village, while the objects
studied were recording and data processing of toddlers
and pregnant women. The information system includes
data input for toddlers, weighing data for toddlers, data
on child examination, data on pregnant women, data
on examinations for pregnant women, and data from
posyandu. The process of recording and processing
data on toddlers and pregnant women at Posyandu
Desa Plesan Nguter Sukoharjo is done manually, has
weaknesses, for example in terms of data reporting. By
improving the system used, from manual to computerized
data processing will be easier.

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