User Satisfaction with an Implementaition Electronic Medical Record

Feby Erawantini, Sustin Farlinda


The RME application is expected to be integrated
between health services and has a function as a clinical
decision support system the existing medical record is
still in the form of the paper medical record so that it is
easily lost, damaged, and It does not support to clinical
decision making. RME is included CDSS, and prediction
of diagnosis has never existed especially in Indonesia. The
purpose of this study implemented the RME application in
the educational clinic, and evaluated the user’s satisfaction
with the RME application has been implemented. The
method used for RME implementation was parallel
implementation and evaluation of user satisfaction
by the end-user computing satisfaction method. The
Implementation of the RME application was carried out
for 2 months in the educational clinic from September to
October 2019. The study involved 2 doctors, 1 registration
officer, 2 nurses, and 1 pharmacy officer. The results of
RME application research could be implemented in the
educational clinic RME applications with a clinical
decision support system in the form of blood pressure, risk
of Diabetes Mellitus, risk of stroke, the interaction of drug
content with a history of allergies, as well as abnormal
warnings of laboratory and radiological examination

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