Health Information Management Professionals: Efforts to Reinforcing The Ability of Indonesian Health The Officer in The Industrial Revolution 4.0

Wahyu Wijaya Widiyanto, Artika Fristi Firnawati, Agustyarum Pradiska Budi


The flow of globalization has been unstoppable to
Indonesia. Accompanied by increasingly sophisticated
technological developments, the world is now beginning
to develop the 4.0 era. The era of the industrial revolution
4.0 was transitioned by a paradigm shift from the use of
information and digital communication technology (ICT)
to multi-integrative technology. In the industrial era 4.0,
ICT infrastructure participation still exists but is approved
by the collaboration aspect of the internet of things (IoT),
physical-cyber technology, and network infrastructure in
making the digital revolution. This collaboration includes
developments in scientific development including: internet
of things (IoT), big data, data mining, data science,
machine learning, deep learning and Artificial Intelligent
(AI). Contradicting the paradigm in professional health
management requires health workers to always develop,
be open-minded and always innovate. What’s more, in the
era of the industrial revolution 4.0 needed health workers
who could not be out of date. In this technology-based
era, the government must be able to prepare Indonesian
health workers in ways such as increasing competence
and expertise, increasing professional training and
certification, and making skills policies. These policies
are important to ensure the fulfillment of the needs of
health workers needed for the future in the new era of the
industrial revolution 4.0. This effort can be the answer
in the industrial era 4.0 revolution and can improve the
ability of officers in Indonesia so that they can become
qualified at home, but also abroad.

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