Digitizing Medical Records within National Health Coverage Era in Indonesia

Dian Budi Santoso, Angga Eko Pramono, Nuryati Nuryati


The implementation of the national health
coverage system in Indonesia has a big impact on the
implementation and utilization of information technology
in health care facilities. Infrastructure continues to
be improved and all insurance claim process was
computerized. Patient medical record data for primary
care has been stored online, although it still needs to be
improved the input quality. The purpose of this study is
to identify the feasibility of digitizing the overall medical
record data and to propose a roadmap for its development
within the national health coverage system in Indonesia.
We conducted a desk review and focus group discussions
with stakeholders related to this subject. Most of Health
care facilities in Indonesia have met the minimum
infrastructure requirements to carry out digitalization of
medical record data. Some information system software
has also been used in health care facilities to support the
implementation of national health coverage. There are 5
important points in the proposed roadmap for digitizing
medical record data in Indonesia, namely 1) personal
health record 2) telemedicine 3) e-prescription and 4)
health information exchange 5) legal aspects. Digitizing
medical record data is very feasible to realize in Indonesia
during the national health coverage era. 4 steps that can be
take to make it happen: projectification, informatization,
embedded inscription, and scaling.

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