Feasibility of Development and Implementation of Mobile-Based Homecare Applications for Mother and Children Services in Indonesia

Nurvita Wikansari, Agung Kurniawan, Dian Budi Santoso


The use of information technology in health services
is increasingly being implemented. With information
technology, someone will easily find health service
providers, especially homecare services. However, there
is no specific application to serve home care services for
mothers and children in Indonesia. This study aims to
analyze the feasibility of developing and implementing a
mobile-based homecare service application for mothers
and children. This research is a descriptive study using
an online questionnaire as a data collection tool. The
research subjects were pregnant women, breastfeeding
mothers, and mothers and children homecare service
providers in Yogyakarta. In this study, there are a total of
30 respondents of pregnant and l breastfeeding mothers
and 4 homecare providers in Yogyakarta. Mothers who
mostly use homecare services are aged 25-30 years, have
a minimum education of bachelor degree, have 1 child,
and generally order homecare services via WhatsApp.
The service that is mostly used is a baby massage and
the respondents are interested in using a mobile-based
homecare service application for mothers and children.
For home care service providers, out of the 4 respondents,
all have diploma education and promote home care
services through Instagram, WhatsApp, and web pages.
All respondents who provide homecare services are
interested and willing to join a marketplace that promotes
their homecare services. It can be concluded that the
development and implementation of mobile-based
homecare service applications for mothers and children
are feasible in Indonesia.

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