Implementation of Medical Record Services in the Pandemic Time of Covid-19 in Muhammadiyah Selogiri Hospital Health Services

Yul Asriati, Fahmi Hakam


Medical record services are the first part that
patients encounter during health services. If medical
record officers are not prepared during this period, there
will be transmission risks of Covid-19 from patients or
vice versa. The purpose of this study is to determine the
implementation of services in the medical record unit
during the Covid-19 period. This study used qualitative
methods by interviewing the head of the medical record
room, registration section, the filling section, and the
assembling section. As the result, the Muhammadiyah
Selogiri Hospital during the covid-19 pandemic has
headed for digitizing online registration and telemedicine
application. The health protocol procedures consist of
the officers carry out screening using PPE standards
and barrier with white mica plastic, a cross sign on the
waiting room bench for some of the seats and one meter
in the queue for physical distances, special treatment
for files of patients infected with Covid-19 with yellow
plastic and place them in the box that is exposed to
sunlight. Conclusion, Muhammdiayah Selogiri Hospital
outpatient registration is online, using telemedicine
for consultation with doctors. Health protocol flow has
already implemented using recommended standards

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