Strengthening SIKNAS Through Evaluation of Health Information System in Bali Regional Health Office by HMN Framework Method

Suandari P.V. L, Made Karma Maha Wirajaya, Putu Ayu Laksmini


One of many benefits from the health sector
development is to simplify the information exchange that
supports decision making process. The availability of
information support in health sector at the Bali Regional
Health Office that is managed in an integrated manner
related to data, information, technological devices,
indicators, procedures, human resources that are useful
in making the HIS development roadmap that could
strengthen the national health system. The poor ability
of decision makers in setting priorities in managerial
programs reflects the weakness of HIS resources in the
health office so there is an evaluation needed as a basis
to ensure that HIS has been running as expected. This
study aims to determine the description of HIS evaluation
with HMN framework on the HIS component in the Bali
Regional Health Office. This study uses descriptive
analysis of the seven variables studied. The number of
respondents is five officers who manage HIS. The results
of the HIS evaluation showed that in general the HIS in the
Bali Regional Health Office was in the category of “Very
Adequate” seen from the components of HIS Management
(83%), HIS Indicators (93%), Information Products and
Dissemination and Information Use (89.21%) while three
other components consisting of HIS Resources (78.75%),
HIS Data Sources (77.29%) and HIS Data Management
(75%) have an “Adequate”. So it can be concluded that
the evaluation of the health information system in the Bali
Provincial Health Office has a positive assessment that
can be used in strengthening HIS at the national level.

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