The Effectiveness of Bed Occupancy, Using The Barber Johnson Graphic Method at The Muhammadiyah Hospital Selogiri

Arifatun Nisaa, Prita Devy Igiany, Julia Pertiwi


Background: The use of beds in hospitals should
be efficient from economic as well as medical aspects.
To unite the two aspects, an appropriate parameter is
needed, namely; BOR, AvLOS, TOI, and BTO can then be
seen clearly the level of efficient use of beds in hospitals
and the four parameters are brought together at one
point. Research Methods: This research uses descriptive
type of research. The population is the forms (RP 1 and
RL 1) for the 2017 period, sampling using total sampling
techniques. Data collection techniques using observation
techniques and documentation studies, data analysis
is done by the Barber Johnson Graph method. Results
& Discussion: Based on the calculation of the average
frequency of the number of days a bed occupied (TOI), the
average bed used by a patient in a certain period (BTO),
the value of GDR and NDR in Muhammadiyah Selogiri
hospital is ideal. However, the calculation of the efficiency
of the use of beds (BOR), the average number of days a
patient was treated (LOS) has not been efficient and not
in accordance with standards. Conclusion: Improved
management of health services including the promotion
of hospitals to continue to maintain the effectiveness of
hospital bed occupancy and to update the Inpatient SOP

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