Factors That Related to The Completeness of Medical Record in Out-Care Patient Polyclinic in Pariaman Regional Public Hospital

Chamy Rahmatiqa, Ilma Nuria Sulrieni, Werman Werman


Based on performance indicators, one of them that
have not been achieved was in the Medical Record service
hence it can reduce service quality. It was also seen from
patient satisfaction, namely the comfort aspect, the aspect
of the patient’s relationship with the medical record staff
and the status of patient participation. This study aimed to
determine the relationship between comfort aspects and
the relationship of patients with medical record staff to the
completeness one. The research method was conducted
analytically with a cross-sectional approach. The study
was conducted in out-patient care in Pariaman Regional
Hospital on January 2nd until 12th, 2020. The samples in
this study were 96 people. The sampling technique was
used through total population. The results of this study
were 39.6% comfort aspects, 54.2% good relations with
patients, and 49% incomplete medical records. The
conclusion of this study was whether relationship between
aspects of comfort and relationship with patients to the
completeness of the medical record.

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