Survey of Patient’s Satisfaction with Medical Record Services at The Registration of Outpatients at Puskesmas in Mataram

Syamsuriansyah Syamsuriansyah, Uswatun Hasanah, Ria Rahmatul Istiqomah, Reni Chairunisa, Helmina Andriani, Jihadil Qutsi, Iin Anggraeni Sukma, Ikhwan Ikhwan, Nik Azliza bt Nik Arifin


Patients as users of health center services demand
services provided in accordance with their rights, namely
quality and comprehensive services. Patients expect
officers to provide services that are in accordance with
their interests and expectations, namely human, fast, full
of empathy, friendly, communicative. Patients will assess
satisfaction or dissatisfaction after using the services
of the health center in question. This research was
conducted at the health center in the Mataram City area
which included: Karang Taliwang Health Center, Dasan
Agung Health Center, Tanjung Karang Health Center,
Pagesangan Health Center, Mataram Health Center, and
Cakranegara Health Center. The purpose of this study is
to determine the level of patient satisfaction with medical
record services at the Outpatient Registration Place
(TPPRJ) at the Mataram City Health Center. The type of
research used is descriptive research with a quantitative
approach and cross sectional design. The sample in this
study amounted to 37 respondents from each health center.
The results showed that the level of patient satisfaction
based on the 5 dimensions of health service quality
showed that most respondents expressed satisfaction
with the services provided by medical record officers
in particularat the outpatient registration center at the
health center in the city of Mataram. On the Reliability
dimension of patients who expressed satisfaction with the
value of 72.1%, Responsiveness with a value of 131%,
Empathy with a value of 61.7%, Tangibles with a value
of 65.8%, and on the dimension of Assurance with a value
of 75.2%. The conclusion of this study indicate that there
is a need to improve the quality of services at outpatient
registration sites so that it can improve patient satisfaction with medical record services at outpatient registration centers in Mataram city health centers

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