The Relationship of Husbands, Friends and Health Workers Support on the Implementation of Voluntary, Counseling and Testing (VCT) on Housewives

Ervina Rachmawati, Ida Nurmawati, Faiqatul Hikmah


Kencong Sub-district is one of the sub- districts with
the highest HIV / AIDS cases in Jember Regency with
total 150 cases in 2017-2019. HIV / AIDS cases are most
common in residents who work as housewives. This study
aims to determine the support of husbands, friends and
health workers to the housewives in conducting early
detection of HIV/AIDS through the Voluntary, Counseling
and Testing (VCT) program. This research type is
quantitative research with cross sectional approach.
Data was collected through questionnaire. The sample
used was 96 housewives. The results of the study using
the chi square statistical test showed that there was a
significant relationship between husband support (OR =
5.257; 95% CI = 1.377-20.064; p = 0.009), peer support
(OR = 4.846; 95% CI = 1.809-12.982; p = 0.001), and
health workers support (OR = 5,788; 95% CI = 2,067-
16,209; p = 0,000) towards the implementation of
Voluntary, Counseling and Testing (VCT). Conclusion: It
requires comprehensive support between husband, friends
and health workers to conduct VCT in order to prevent
HIV/AIDS in Housewives. Suggestion: HIV/AIDS care
forum needs to be established in collaboration with the
government, health workers, health cadres, and families
in preventing HIV/AIDS.)

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