Prototyping of Medical Record Quantitative Analysis Information System (Case Study: Patut Patuh Patju Public Hospital, West Lombok)

Noor Alamsyah, Reni Chairunnisah, Helmina Andriani, Syamsuriansyah Syamsuriansyah, Rizal Pratama Adi Putra


Nowadays, the use of information and communication
technology becomes very emerging to increase
effectiveness and efficiency of business processes in
almost every companies including hospital. This research
conducted at Patut Patuh Patju Hospital in West Lombok.
Based on observation in Patut Patuh Patju Hospital, the
existing implementation of medical record analysis are
by using retrospective approachment and digitalized the
data by using Microsoft Excel. However, there still are
some problems in using this software to digitalized the
data. The first one is the security issue of data storage,
because the data are only saved in one local computer and
not distributed into a specific server.The other issues are
the data could not be accessed by another departments
and data processing for final report is conducted
manually. The purpose of this research is to design a
prototype model of information system of medical record
quantitative analysis. This prototype developed by using
waterfall model combines with data collection techniques
such as observation and interviews. Result of this research
is prototoype model of information system for medical
record quantitative analysis for example the interfaces of
form of patient registration, exami-nation data, automatic
recapitulation and medical record analysis final reports.

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