Application of Lean Distribution in National Vaccine Program of Indonesia: Case Study in Banten Province

Putu Eka Cita


Health services quality in a region is determined
by the resources especially vaccine resources sufficient
quantity and quality. Vaccine distribution management
requires a good vaccine supply chain management to
maintain the quality of vaccine stability because the
vaccine is thermolable. The research aims to understand
more about the reasons for the low immunization coverage
in Banten Province to provide lean distribution model and
supply chain improvements strategy that more efficient,
and to prevent or reduce the overstock or stockout vaccine
in storage room, so they can avoid vaccine damage and
reduces the storage and distribution cost. The data used
in this research was data on the number of the availability
of government vaccine programs in the Provinces of
Banten between january to december 2019. The methods
in this research is qualitative research that the sample
were purposively selected and the collection of the data
using a list of questions well structured through in-depth
interviews to expert of vaccine distribution systems in
Banten Province. The variables used is 7 waste that is
Faster than Necessary Pase, Waiting, Conveyance, Excess
Stock, Processing, Unnecessary Motion, and Correction
of Mistake. Using a Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and
Fish Bone had been gotten that the distribution of vaccine
program in banten need to improvements to be more

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