Provision of Application of Reporting on Outpatient at Soemitro Air Force Hospital Surabaya

Amir Ali, Firdha Arinta Firstanty, Diah Wijayanti Sutha


The process of reporting outpatient visits in Soemitro
Air Force Hospital Surabaya as yet conducted manually
through recording their patient visits onto Microsoft
Excel and book report. Thus, the researchers developed
an application which could help the process of data input
to easily generate the reporting of outpatient visits. The
aim of this study is to explain the process the development
of an application which allows the user in reporting of
outpatient visits by using Visual Basic 6.0, and Crystal
Report 8.5 in Medical Record unit. Research method
used in this study is Research and Development (R&D).
Observation and Interviewing were used as methods
of collecting qualitative data as part of this study, and
displayed through System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
in waterfall model which has steps of; (1) Requirement,
(2) Design, (3) Implementation, and (4) Testing. The visits
reporting application was made using Visual Basic 6.0
to create its application, SQL Server 2000 as a database
and Crystal Report 8.5 to display the report. The results
of this study shows flawless running of menu functions in
the outpatient visit reporting application and to simplify
the process the reporting of Soemitro Air Force Hospital
Surabaya runs well according to their respective functions.
In addition this application can generate reports of patient
visits per period whether month, year, and date. This study
concluded that researchers have succeeded in analyzing
the need for problem solving in the process of reporting
outpatient visits by providing a desktop application for
reporting outpatient visits in the medical record unit of
Soemitro Air Force Hospital Surabaya.

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