Data Processing System Hospitalization Web-Based In Hospital

Yunita Wisda Tumarta Arif, Sri Widodo, Nurul Stevia Ningrum


Hospitals as health service agencies need the
existence of an information system that is accurate and
reliable, and sufficient enough to improve services to
patients. Data management in hospitals is one of the
important components in realizing an information system
in hospitals, namely for managing health service data in
the form of a web-based inpatient data processing system
in hospitals. The object of this research is the inpatient
installation at the General Hospital of Assalam Gemolong
Sragen. The flow of inpatient data processing procedures
at the Assalam Gemolong Sragen public hospital is still
done manually, starting from inpatient registration to
processing incoming patient data, leaving patients and
moving patients having several problems. One of the
efforts to overcome these obstacles is by building a webbased
inpatient data processing information system in the
This type of research is a descriptive study conducted
with the method of data collection, observation and
interviews using a cross sectional approach. The research
method consists of 4 stages: system planning, system
analysis, system design and system implementation. The
aim of this research is to create a web-based inpatient
data processing information system in the hospital so
that it can improve the ongoing system and as input for
decision making in the inpatient unit. The result of this
study is a web-based inpatient data processing system
at the Assalam Gemolong General Hospital in Sragen.
Inpatient data processing system is made web-based with
the hypertext prepocessor programming language (PHP)
and data storage with MY SQL.

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