Workload Based Need for Assembling Staff Analyzed with Workload Indicators Staff Need (WISN)

Nopita Cahyaningrum, Triyanta Triyanta, Nia Fahni Ferdhaniah


Workload Indicators Staff Need (WISN) is an
indicator shows the number of employees required for a
health facility based on its workload. It enables effective
and reasonable staff allocation and/or relocation. It was
found in preliminary survey in orthopedic hospital Prof.
DR. R. Soeharso Surakarta that the assembling staff could
not finish the assembling activities during the day. Two
employees worked in assembling division. More staff was
needed to cope with the increasing workload. This study
was intended to find out the optimum number of employees
needed in assembling division in orthopedic hospital Prof.
Dr. R. Soeharso Surakarta in 2019. Workload Indicators
Staff Need method, descriptive survey, and cross sectional
approach were applied. The subjects were two assembling
employees and one medical record head. The object was
the workload of assembling staff. The result showed
that five employees were needed. Therefore, three more
employees were required in the assembling division of the
hospital in 2019.

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