Implementation of INA-CBGS Rates and Hospital Costs In Case of Typhoid Fever in Inpatient of The Indonesian National Health Insurance (JKN) Patients

Nina Rahmadiliyani, Elin Maslianti


INA-CBG’s or Indonesian Case-Based Group’s is a
system that presents a health service rate for the National
Health Insurance Program (JKN) based on case-mix
organized by the Social Security Organizing Agency. This
study aims to determine the application of INA-CBG rates
and hospital rates in cases of typhoid fever inpatient JKN
patients at Bhayangkara Hospital TK III Banjarmasin.
This study uses a descriptive method with a quantitative
approach to 105 JKN patients with a primary diagnosis
of typhoid fever by categorizing based on length of stay,
complications and patient age. Categorized for 2-7
days of stay, 4 types of complications and the age of the
patients are 12-25 years, 26-45 years, 46-65 years and
>65 years and the results are obtained based on the length
of stay, complications, and age of patients who cause the
difference negative rates on INA-CBG’s and Hospital
Rates cause Hospitals suffered financial losses.

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