Training Activities Yoga to Reduce Primigravida Anxiety with Labor: Literatur Riview

muzaroah Ermawati Ulkhasanah, Agung Widiastuti, Utur Kardatun, Erna Kusumawati, Elfiana Dwi Safitri


Background: Anxiety is one of the factors that
can arise in dealing with childbirth, especially for
mothers with their first pregnancy or what is called
primigravida. The smoothness and delay in the delivery
process can be influenced not only by somatic nature,
but psychosomatically as one of the causes of the labor
process. So it is necessary to take measures to reduce
anxiety in dealing with labor, one of which is by doing
exercise activities. Purpose: This study aims to determine
the activity of yoga practice in primigravida pregnancy to
reduce anxiety that will face childbirth, by looking at the
duration and dose of intervention which is very influential
on reducing stress. Methods: This study was conducted by
conducting a systematic review through various sources
of research that had been done previously, by searching
the resources at PubMed, Science Direct and Google
scholar. Results of this study will be evaluated so that
you get yoga practice activities with a certain duration
and dose of exercise which will later be recommended
to primigravidas with anxiety in dealing with childbirth.
Conclusion: the results of a systematic review carried
out using compiled related journals that yoga practice
during pregnancy can contribute to decreased pregnancy
discomfort and increased self-efficacy during.

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