Optimization of The Combination of Tween 80 and Carbopole 940 Gel Formula Vitamin E with Sld Method

Tatiana Siska Wardani, Rony Setianto, Erikania Susanti, Belinda Arbitya Dewi, Kusumaningtyas Siwi Artini, Muhammad Rasyid Faizur AlFajri


Vitamin E is a substance antioxidants that are needed
by the body humans because they have an important role
in maintaining the balance of cells from radicals free and
inhibits the oxidation process. Free radicals are molecules
that are not stable and very dangerous for the body
because can cause changes in cells the body that triggers
the aging process early.Vitamin E gel preparations using
carbopol 940 and Tween 80 bases were able to produce
physical and good release properties, therefore this study
aims to gather the optimum formula for vitamin E gel
using a gelling agent carbopol 940 and tween 80 based
on the simplex lattice design method. Vitamin E gel with
a concentration of 5μg / mL was obtained with mixing
gel base with vitamin E that has been diluted with tween
80 and Carbopol 940, then made four formulas based
on the SLD method and tested the physical properties
(organoleptic, viscosity, dispersibility and adhesion). The
results of the research that have been carried out show
that the concentrations of tween 80 and Carbopol 940
has an influence on the physical stability and antioxidant
activity of the gel vitamin E. Based on the superimposed
counter plot, Based on the superimposed counter plot, the
optimum formula was obtained vitamin E gel with 0,25%
tween 80 and 0,75% carbopol 940

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