Drug Information Services by Pharmacist and Patient Compliance in Drug Use

Kusumaningtyas Siwi Artini, Tommy Julianto Bustami Effendi, Weri Veranita, Muladi Putra Mahardika, Anita Dwi Septiarini, Ema Ananda Perdana


The development of technology make it easier for
people to obtain health information, including information
of pharmaceutical. The development of information system
is like a double-edged knife, on the one hand it provides
good opportunities for easy access to drug information,
but on the other hand, it can harm patients because the
information is not accurate. Today, people can buy drugs
online and used them without a pharmacist’s direction
and it can increae the risk of drug abuse. In following the
devolopment of this information system, pharmaceutical
services must be improved by improving the information
system and improving drug services by pharmacist.
Pharmacists carry out direct pharmaceutical services
including drug information services to patients in the
hope that they can guarantee rational, safe and effective
treatment. Drug information service (PIO) is the activity of
serve and providing information, independent, accurate,
comprehensive, up-to-date drug recommendations by
pharmacist to patients or people in need. The purpuse
of this study was to determine the role of pharmacists
in providing drug information to patients. This research
was conducted using a systematic review method from
several research journals on drug information services by
pharmacists. The result of this study are descriptions of
drug information received by patients.

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