Effect Exercise on Fatigue in Patient Heart Failure: Literature Review

Endrat Kartiko Utomo, Totok Wahyudi, Muhammad Fahri Januar, Arifin Saputra, Slamet Purnomo


Heart failure is defined as inability of the heart to
deliver blood to the body to meet end-organ metabolic
needs and oxygenation at rest or during mild activity or
exercise. Nearly 54-96% of patients experience complains
of fatigue. Exercise can be action solution as a nonpharmacological
intervention. The purpose of this review
is to report the results of research related on the effect
of exercise on fatigue. Relevant articles were search
in PubMed, Science Direct and Google Scholar using
this keywords exercise, fatigue, heart failure and RCT.
Results: 6 articles ware included in the review and found
various Tai Chi exercises, inspiratory muscle training,
aerobic exercise, baduanjin exercise, and resistance
training. Exercises can decrease fatigue level in heart
failure, we also found many type of frequency and other
effect in exercise. Discussion: exercise with duration 20-
60 minutes is recommendation and safety. Exercise can
use to improve quality of life in patients heart failure.
Exercise also improve self-efficacy, general health,
decreased depression and anxiety Conclusion: exercise
can decrease fatigue level in patient heart failure,
however future studies are required to improve evidence
based research of exercise.

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