The Factor’s Whom Influencing The Incidence of Speech Delay in House of Fatima Child Center Malang City

Anis Ansyori, Retno Dewi Prisusanti, Arif Efendi, Dewi Anggraeni


The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia
(Widati, 2012) reported that 0.4 million (16%) of underfives
in Indonesia have developmental disorders, hearing
impairment, lack of intelligence and speech delay.
Disturbance of speech and language development is a
developmental disorder often found in children aged 3-16
years. The incidence rate ranges from 1% to 32% in the
normal population (Soetjiningsih & Ranuh, U. N, 2014).
Purpose: To know the Factors Affecting the Incidence of
Late Speech In House of Fatima Child Center Malang City.
Method: This study used a quantitative approach with a
retrospective research design, with an analytic design.
Subjects of children who have speech delay with hearing
loss, autism, chromosomal abnormalities, ADD, ADHD,
and CP. Accidental sampling technique. Result: Most of
respondents who have delayed speech with ADD counted
35 (36,1%) respondents, ADHD counted 13 (13,4%)
respondents, and Autism counted 10 (10,3%) respondents.
Conclusion: The existence of the relationship between
Autism, ADD, ADHD to the delay talk at the House Of
Fatima Child Center Malang City.

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