Assessment Electronic Form in The Covid-19 Pandemic Period

Linda Widyaningrum, Tominanto Tominanto, Eka Fitriyana, Diva Oktia Farasari


The current assessment form does not specifically
accommodate the manifestations of patients with Covid-19
symptoms. The Covid-19 pandemic is a national disaster.
According to Permekes 269 concerning guidelines for the
administration of medical records, in a disaster situation
a special form is needed to accommodate disaster cases.
With this special form, it will be easier for doctors
to identify patients and determine the type of patient
and follow-up plans. In addition, during a pandemic,
to eliminate the spread of the virus with paper based
services, it is necessary to develop electronic services.
One of the efforts to achieve this is by using electronic
recording of the initial patient assessment. This electronic
form consists of 4 stages based on the waterfall method.
The first stage is problem identification, needs analysis for
form design, electronic form design, implementation and
testing. Patient data input, officer data input, assessment
transaction data input, and assessment reports. The test
results show that this assessment form can accommodate
validly so that it can be used as an alternative screaning
service during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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