Knowledge and Behavior of the People of Karanganyar Regency to Covid-19

Puguh Ika Listyorini, Devi Pramita Sari, Muhammad Indrawan Nur Huda


The Covid-19 pandemic has spread to various
countries, including Indonesia. Judging from the
total cases, currently Indonesia is in the top 24.
Central Java has a progressive increase in positive
cases of Covid-19 compared to other provinces.
One of the highest contributors to Covid-19 cases
is Karanganyar Regency. Therefore it is necessary
to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 which
involves all elements of society. Knowledge about
Covid-19 is very important for the community to
have so that people are able to make decisions about
behaving appropriately in the context of preventing
the transmission of Covid-19. This research is a
quantitative study with an analytic design. A sample
of 180 respondents was taken randomly through the
Google form application which was distributed via
WhatsApp to the people of Karanganyar Regency.
Data were analyzed using the Chi-Square test. Chi-
Square test results indicate that knowledge is related
to people’s behavior with a p-value of 0.0001. In
conclusion, knowledge is related to the behavior
of the people of Karanganyar Regency. This
condition is expected to support efforts to prevent the
transmission of Covid-19 in Karanganyar Regency.

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